Choose prosperity and perseverance when confronted with life’s most complex changes. Choose a team that’s dedicated to your long-term financial security and success. Economic powerhouses. Family breadwinners. Today’s women are owning their success, commanding larger paychecks than those that came before them and rising to the top of the ladder in their fields.

But then, life happens. Plans evolve. And your world can change in the blink of an eye in the wake of disruptors like death or divorce. Money matters can seem trivial in emotional and challenging times like these, but without a plan in place, your future hangs in the balance.

There is a silver lining to major life transitions: You can decide to control your own destiny and prevail through complexity. It all starts with developing a defined, comprehensive plan, guided by the knowledge of a sound professional team. Let Empyrion™ lead the way.

Harness the Power of Choice

Our team has a long history of helping women in transition navigate the next phase of their lives with confidence, conviction and clarity. Together, we offer expertise in solving the unique financial challenges women face and can introduce competitive wealth management and estate planning tactics that allow you to surmount obstacles, while tapping new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Money and the Power of Choices Empyrion Wealth Management


A financial windfall can shake up your world and bring major changes to your financial plan; it can even influence your short- and long-term life goals. Having the outside expertise of a knowledgeable and independent advisory team can make all the difference, especially when it comes to making decisions and determining the best path forward.

At Empyrion, we’ll work collaboratively with you to develop a wealth management strategy that is tailored to your circumstances, future goals and current or anticipated challenges. Leverage comprehensive financial planning and sound investment advice driven by proven research and tested by some of the most respected minds in academia.

How women experience financial transitions like divorce and widowhood


Approach the next chapter of your life with peace of mind and confidence in your financial picture. Rely on the Empyrion team to reshape your short- and long-term financial plan, protect your best interests and deploy the resources and strategies you need to feel comfortable with your path forward. Our approach includes assessing your retirement income and potential changes to your withdrawal strategy and planning for potential educational needs or future expenses for shared children.

We’ll work collaboratively with your network of professional advisors to adjust your estate and tax strategies and ensure they work in tandem with your newly refocused financial and investment plan. Moving forward, we’ll analyze and update these strategies so that they’re fully aligned with your needs and objectives.

How Women Experience Financial Transitions like Career Change or Inheritance

Family Loss

Losing a loved one is an emotionally taxing and life-altering experience. Whether you’re dealing with a current loss or want to plan proactively for the future, you can feel comfort in knowing the Empyrion team is in your corner and will help you navigate a seamless transition.

By leveraging forward-thinking planning tools and technology, we’ll develop a long-term cash flow plan and evaluate your assets, earnings and investments to ensure you continue to stay on track toward your long-term goals with discipline. Benefit from broad expertise in estate and tax planning, charitable giving and inheritance planning, which helps ensure you’re prepared to carry out your loved one’s wishes and requests upon their passing.

Career Change

Pursuing a new career path can be fulfilling and exciting, filled with new opportunities for professional growth and success. But before you take the leap, it’s essential to take appropriate, proactive steps to ensure your financial house is in order and that you’ve planned for all potential outcomes.

The Empyrion team can help you understand the risks, trade-offs and costs associated with your decision to pursue a new venture. Through interactive, personal planning sessions and Monte Carlo simulations, we’ll help you break down your spending and cash flow, evaluate your investment strategy and reassess your retirement plan to ensure they reflect your new goals and career journey.


Compared to previous generations, women today are living longer — a positive trend that is juxtaposed against negative forces like the gender pay gap. This makes proactive, strategic retirement planning paramount and critical to your future financial success and security.

Rely on our advisors to assess your investment strategy and horizon and project how much you will need to maintain your ideal lifestyle and fund expenses like health care and long-term care. We can also provide advanced distribution planning and introduce tax-aware withdrawal strategies to help you sustain a strong, solid income stream for retirement and beyond.

Kimberly Foss, CFP®, CPWA®, is the Founder and President of Empyrion Wealth Management™.