• Fox40: Enjoying the Holidays Without Debt

    The holidays can be very stressful and put you into debt. Kimberly Foss offers suggestions on how to avoid going into debt and enjoy your holiday season.

  • Fox40: The Budget Bucket System

    Kimberly Foss meets with Fox40 to discuss how to save with the Budget Bucket System. Everyone of any type of wealth needs to work on a budget.

  • How To Protect Yourself

    Everyday it seems that companies are getting hacked. Kimberly Foss joins Fox40 to offer valuable tips on protecting yourself.

  • FOX40: Equifax Data Breach

    Kimberly joins FOX40 to discuss what is fact or fiction regarding the Equifax Data Breach. Kimberly discusses how to know if you are affected or not.

  • Fox40: Top 5 Reasons to Consider Roth

    Kimberly Foss joins FOX40 to discuss investing in a Roth IRA. Kimberly points out five good reasons to invest in a Roth IRA verses a traditional 401k.

  • Closing Bell Exchange: Still Buying Opportunities in the Market

    Kimberly Foss weighs in on North Korea and geopolitical tension during her appearance on CNBC's "Closing Bell." While expecting some short-term volatility, Kimberly remains long-term bullish. She suggests clients buy into the dips and remain fully invested and diversified.​

  • FOX 40: Avoid Common Pre-Retirement Blunders

    Kimberly Foss joins FOX 40 to share her advice on how to avoid pre-retirement mistakes.

  • FOX News – Neil Cavuto Show

    Is heathcare a right? Protester's hit the street demanding the government provides healthcare for everyone.

  • Fox Business – Intelligence Report

    Kimberly weighs in on the Fed and interest rates during an appearance on the “The Intelligence Report.” Discussing the rate hike, she notes that it is a positive for the markets – adding that fundamental growth is good for the investor and leads to wealth creation.

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