• Plan Stronger TV: Understanding Social Security

    How does the Social Security system work, and what role should it play in your retirement income strategy? Kimberly Foss was featured on Holland Financial's Plan Stronger TV, where she explained what thriving retirees should consider before taking their benefits.

  • Plan Stronger TV: The Divorce Question

    How can you cope with the major — and potentially world-altering — impact of splitting with your spouse later on in your life? Kimberly Foss was featured on Holland Financial's Plan Stronger TV, where she offered up financial tips for those facing the possibility of gray divorce.

  • Fox40: First-Time Home Purchasing Strategies

    Buying a home is one of the biggest financial milestones many people face. And though it's common for some buyers to receive assistance — such as loans or the gift of a down payment from an established family member or friend — it's still important to know how to navigate the process once you're ready to enter the market. Kimberly Foss joins Fox40 to share four strategies you can use to save money and avoid common mistakes.

  • Fox40: Four Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

    Your credit score plays a major role in your total financial health and well-being, dictating everything from your eligibility to open a credit card to the interest rate you receive on your mortgage. How can you bounce back if your credit has taken a dive? Kimberly Foss joins Fox40 to share four tips you can use to increase your score and improve your current and future financial security.

  • Fox News: Your World with Neil Cavuto – Stocks Selling Off Amid New Trade Worries

    Weak manufacturing numbers and new developments in the trade war between the United States and China brought a wave of volatility to the markets early this week. Kimberly Foss joins Neil Cavuto of Fox News to offer her take on what this means for investors going forward.

  • Fox40: The Potential Impact of Tariffs

    These days, it's hard to read the news without seeing at least one headline about tariffs and the ongoing trade dispute between the U.S. and China. In her latest Fox40 appearance, Kimberly Foss answers the questions on all of our minds: What purpose do tariffs serve, and how do they affect the everyday consumer?

  • Fox40: Equifax Data Breach — How You Could Benefit from Settlement

    Were you among the 147 million people impacted by the 2017 Equifax data breach? Kimberly Foss appears on Fox40 to share how you can get reimbursed for any damages resulting from the hack.

  • Fox40: Leave of Absence

    If you're forced to take an extended leave of absence from work — whether it's for maternity leave or an unexpected illness — how can you properly prepare your finances? Kimberly Foss joins Fox40 to share the three most important areas to evaluate, including your current monthly spending, your savings plan, and your company's policies and procedures.

  • Fox40: Different Types of Scams

    Even after taking proactive steps to protect their hard-earned assets for the long term, thriving retirees still face another threat: scammers. From Medicare to Social Security fraud, Kimberly Foss joins Fox40 to share how to avoid some of the most common — and dangerous — scams affecting retirees today.

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