• Fox40: Preparing for Retirement

    Kimberly Foss joins Fox40 to offer a few valuable insights for those preparing for retirement, including how to optimize Social Security withdrawals, keeping an eye on employer 401(K) plan contributions, and remembering to pay themselves first when it comes to their children.

  • Fox40: 5 Financial Benefits of Marriage

    After a wedding-filled weekend of her own, Kimberly Foss shares 5 examples of how marriage can help couples build wealth, along with some of the institution's best financial advantages. She discusses up-to-date strategies around tax deductions, retirement accounts, and even car insurance rates — unexpected but valuable benefits of tying the knot.

  • Fox40: Estate Planning Steps to Take Now

    Kimberly Foss weighs in on the many solid reasons to focus on estate planning, no matter the size of your estate. She shares how a few steps taken now can save your loved ones hours of heartache and thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees and expenses in the future. Here’s a quick list of tasks that you can start to work on right away.

  • Fox40: College Financial Planning

    With back-to-school season around the corner, Kimberly Foss shares what steps parents can take to reduce education costs. She discusses three strategies to maximize your student’s chances for admission, receiving financial aid, and having a successful college career.

  • Fox40: Women and Financial Decision Making

    Kimberly Foss joins Fox 40 to weigh in on a recent report indicating that over half of married women leave all investing and financial planning decisions to their husbands. Kimberly shares 3 key tips on how women can avoid being left out of major household financial decisions.

  • Sacramento & Company: 3 Things Smart Investors Know

    Kimberly Foss shares three important principles that explain why disciplined and successful investors don’t base their investment strategies on tantalizing “secrets.” Investors understand that over the long term, there is no substitute for the basics of diversification, strategy, and a professional advisor with an evidence-based approach to investing.

  • FOX40: Advice for Saving

    Kimberly Foss offers advice for saving your earnings and reducing debt. Kimberly says to automate and escalate. Set up auto deposits into your savings account or 401k and increase this periodically.

  • Teaching Kids about Finances

    Kimberly Foss joins FOX40 to offer valuable advice for children and young adults on how to increase their financial knowledge. Teaching your children early is critical to empowering them to become a financially responsible adult.

  • FOX Business: Intelligence Report With Trish Regan

    Kimberly joins FOX Business to weigh in on the recent stock market gains. Kimberly feels the new tax structure will help grow profits and drive earnings.

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