You can start the next chapter of your life on strong financial footing — and we can help.
Chart your course with Empyrion’s proactive planning tools and a personalized, disciplined investment strategy.

You’ve spent decades of your professional life building a solid, dependable nest egg to provide for your needs and long-term goals for retirement. But you need more than a nest egg; you need a plan designed specifically for you.

Our time-tested experience and client-first focus can help you take the next step toward a successful retirement strategy. We want to support you in capitalizing on your savings and using them to live according to your priorities — to plan for the milestones and goals you’ve dreamed of, but also to provide for those unexpected costs or emergencies you can’t predict.

Achieve Your Ideal Retirement

We specialize in assisting clients who are approaching and in retirement with preparation and strategic planning, harnessing the power of evidence-based investment science. We’ll help you develop a long-term retirement income strategy that leverages dynamic portfolio design with our own individualized approach that’s focused on what matters most to you in retirement, including critical needs and potential life changes.

Empyrion Wealth Family Office Decision Maker
Empyrion Wealth Management Retirement Goal Planning

Income and Investment Strategy Development

We can work with you to establish a smooth financial path toward your retirement objectives with our disciplined investment approach and advanced planning. Our sophisticated financial tools can help you simulate potential scenarios, analyze your assets and investment earnings, and project cash flow needs to arrive at an approach that lets you preserve your wealth and maintain a healthy income stream. You’ll also benefit from tax-aware retirement withdrawal strategies to help you make the most of your nest egg.

Empyrion Wealth Management Retirement Nest Egg for the Next Generation

What’s Most Important to You?

Everyone’s image of retirement is different. Whether you’re looking forward to more time with friends and family, or you’re planning to travel or pursue new interests such as a second career, we want to know your values, hopes and dreams.

Our planning process begins with conversations centered on you. What do you want to accomplish? What are your ideals? What are your most cherished goals? What do you hope to achieve during retirement? Once we have a thorough understanding of your desired outcomes, we’ll analyze and stress-test findings gleaned from our conversations to lay the groundwork for a solid, long-term retirement strategy.

Empyrion Wealth Management Retiree Income Planning and Tax Withdrawals

Ongoing, Personal Service and Support

Our work for you is built around a core of personal conversations and a thorough understanding of your situation. From leaving a family legacy to philanthropy and charitable giving, your retirement plan can incorporate what matters most to you in your post-working years.

Empyrion is committed to continual evaluation and regular updates of our clients’ retirement, investment and financial plans so they’re well-positioned to meet their ongoing needs and objectives. Our goal is to serve — our clients can always rely on us to put their needs first with every strategy we recommend. You can rest assured, knowing that we’re firmly focused on your best interests with every step of your retirement journey.

Kimberly Foss, CFP®, CPWA®, is the Founder and President of Empyrion Wealth Management™.


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