Kimberly Foss is a nationally recognized author and speaker, a popular media source, and a respected leader in the investment advisory industry.

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Kimberly Foss, President of Empyrion Wealth Management, is frequently invited to share her knowledge, expertise, and perspective as a featured speaker and host for events geared toward investors.

The goal: To increase financial wisdom and create change in your financial life through one of Kimberly’s tailored presentations, which help women in transition, thriving retirees, and family stewards overcome the unique challenges they face.

You will walk away from your events with a desire to improve your financial well-being and pursue what you truly want in life.

Are you interested in collaborating with us on an event or attending one of our events? Contact us to request more information and review this sample list of event topics. If you don’t see a topic you’d like to cover, let us know.

Making the Most of Social Security

Educate your guests about Social Security retirement income strategies. We also discuss Medicare basics, and how using a Roth IRA might help reduce taxes on Social Security benefits. This event also touches on other retirement income-enhancing decisions to make when leaving the workforce.

Moving Through Crisis: Financial Wisdom for Difficult Times

When faced with a crisis, many of us are vulnerable to rash financial decisions and bad advice. You must address divorce, widowhood, and other personal upheavals with wisdom, grace, and intelligence if you hope to successfully move forward to the next stage of your life. In this presentation, we draw on our professional knowledge and personal experience to explain the steps women can take to come out of a crisis stronger and more financially capable than ever.

What Wealthy Women Want

Even the most successful women worry that they could lose it all in an instant. When thinking about retirement, some women become paralyzed by the fear that, at some point, they’ll be broke, even if they are financially savvy, actively saving for the future, and living well today. In this presentation, we explain the origins of the financial fear that grips so many women and discuss what they can do to combat it.

Seeds of Responsibility

As a parent, you know it’s your job to teach your children lessons about how to responsibly handle the money they’ll inherit one day — however, it can be difficult to know exactly how to educate them. Together, we’ll review techniques you can use to coach your children to be financially independent and treat the wealth they’ve been fortunate enough to receive as an opportunity, not an entitlement.

Healthy Aging, Healthy Life

Women live longer than men and are more likely to serve as caregivers to aging or ill family members. For those reasons and more, aging well is especially important for women, as it can mean a better retirement and a more secure future for their loved ones. In this presentation, our team explains how women can plan for a healthy life, prepare for a potential family health crisis, care for aging parents, and more.

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