• Retirement planning during coronavirus: Muni funds, debt strategies and more
    Financial Planning Magazine

    Fixed-income strategies, debt counseling, and personal risk exposure. Empyrion Wealth founder Kimberly Foss offers up some key financial advice to worried investors who are nearing retirement during this COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The Retirement Challenges for Women in Transition
    Advisor Perspectives

    The average female caregiver loses $324,000 in wages, pension payouts, and Social Security benefits over her lifetime. Empyrion Wealth founder Kimberly Foss details a few strategies and tips to help mitigate the financial impact of caregiving on your retirement nest egg.

  • Advisors Helping Small-Business Clients Apply For Coronavirus Loans
    Advisor Perspectives

    Should your small business apply for a Paycheck Protection Program loan if it doesn't need one? Empyrion Wealth founder and president Kimberly Foss offers up some helpful advice in her latest interview for Advisor Perspectives.

  • How to Evaluate an Early Retirement Offer
    U.S. News & World Report

    Is your employer offering you an early retirement package due to the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? In this article from U.S. News & World Report, Empyrion Wealth Founder and President Kimberly Foss offers some advice when weighing the pros and cons of an early retirement offer.

  • Using a HELOC to get through the coronavirus crisis
    Financial Planning Magazine

    The CARES act will offer low- or no-interest loans to struggling small businesses across the country. But what if yours doesn't have time to wait for this government aid? In her latest article for Financial Planning magazine, Empyrion President Kimberly Foss discusses why a home equity line of credit (HELOC) might be the right solution to help bridge the gaps in your revenue.

  • Can Your 401(k) Stay Healthy as Stock Market Sickens?

    When it comes to your retirement, keep calm and don’t panic. In this interview for RISMedia, Empyrion Wealth President and Founder Kimberly Foss discusses why it’s important to maintain a steady course in the wake of this coronavirus pandemic.

  • I’m 59, and my husband and I earn $500,000 a year — but have credit card debt and nothing saved for retirement. What should we do?

    How do I get my retirement back on track? In her latest interview for MarketWatch, Empyrion Wealth Management Founder and President Kimberly Foss offers up her best retirement advice to a worried reader with mounting credit card debt.

  • Six Unpleasant Financial Surprises Facing Women in Divorce
    Advisor Perspectives

    A large percentage of women going through a divorce suffer financial consequences that could have been mitigated or eliminated with better planning. In her latest article for Advisor Perspectives, Empyrion Wealth Management Founder and President Kimberly Foss discusses six unpleasant financial surprises facing women in divorce.

  • Three Steps to Protect Your Retirement from Coronavirus Market Swings

    What’s the best way to protect your retirement during this coronavirus-induced downswing? For Empyrion Wealth Management Founder and President Kimberly Foss, the answer is simple—patience and perspective. Learn more in her recent interview with Money.com.

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