• Your 2020 Financial Plan Must Include These 5 Steps
    Investor's Business Daily

    Is your 2020 financial plan ready to handle the unpredictable nature of the stock market? In this new article from Investor’s Business Daily, Kimberly Foss offers up a key tip for making sure your plan can handle anything the market throws at you.

  • Money lessons from the past decade
    Policy Genius

    The Great Recession taught us important lessons about life and finances. In this article from Policy Genius, Kimberly Foss offers up her most important financial takeaway from the past decade.

  • The day I lost it with a client over a FAANG stock
    Financial Planning Magazine

    "Before we start lecturing our clients on the pitfalls of being over-enticed by the big tech stocks, we need to take stock of our own tendencies." In her column for Financial Planning Magazine, Kimberly Foss shares the story of a difficult conversation with her most important client and the lessons she learned from it.

  • I’m 56 and unemployed, but have $100,000 to live off until I find a job. Where should I put this money?

    A late-in-life job loss can be financially and emotionally devastating. Kimberly Foss helps one MarketWatch reader uncover strategies she can use to invest her savings and sustain her lifestyle while grappling with unemployment.

  • My wife is 61 and earns $50,000; I’m 65 and earn $400,000 — should she take Social Security next year?

    Should you and your spouse wait before taking social security? Kimberly Foss tackles that question and more in her latest interview with MarketWatch.

  • Your Guide to Plastic Surgery Financing
    Yahoo! News

    Before you commit to having plastic surgery, it's important to know the pros and cons of your financing options to make the best choice for your budget.

  • About a quarter of young adults are now financially independent from parents
    MSN Money

    A startling number of young adults are still relying on their parents for help with funding groceries, rent payments, and other financial responsibilities. By doing this, Kimberly Foss says parents are more than just setting back their children's independence; they're also jeopardizing their retirement prospects.

  • 10 cities where your $1 million nest egg will last longest

    Half of Americans think that a $1 million nest egg is enough to live off of in retirement. But how much is really enough? Kimberly Foss answers that question and more in her latest interview with MarketWatch.

  • When another advisor gives terrible advice to a client
    Financial Planning Magazine

    Not all financial advisors are created equal — which means that unethical behavior and conflicted advice may be more prevalent than investors think. In her column for Financial Planning Magazine, Kimberly Foss shares a powerful story that illustrates why finding the right professional to help guide your financial life is of the utmost importance.

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