• Prepare Your Practice — and Yourself — for a Post-Coronavirus World
    Financial Planning Magazine

    Empyrion Wealth founder and president Kimberly Foss discusses why it’s important to build on the new foundations that have been laid during this coronavirus pandemic.

  • Going ‘full curbside’ during coronavirus to attract premium clients
    Financial Planning Magazine

    What on-the-fly adjustments in workflow and procedures has your business instituted during this pandemic? Empyrion Wealth Founder and President Kimberly Foss details how our firm has gone ‘full curbside’ with our services — and shares some important lessons that she’s learned along the way.

  • Dollars and Sense: Ways to negotiate your debt and expenses

    How can you save money while saddled with debt? Empyrion Wealth Founder and President Kimberly Foss offers up three simple tips to help boost your savings while you pay off your bills.

  • Record low mortgage rates offer opportunities for clients and their planners
    Financial Planning Magazine

    Over the last three months, home mortgage rates have managed to achieve five all-time lows — and there’s a chance they could go even lower. Empyrion Wealth Founder Kimberly Foss discusses whether now is the right time to refinance your home loan.

  • Social Security At Risk? 5 Tips Shield You From Cutbacks

    Your Social Security benefits are at risk starting in 2034. Empyrion Wealth Founder Kimberly Foss offers up some financial tips and strategies to help you cope with potential cutbacks.

  • Pandemic Leads To RMD Suspensions
    Financial Advisor Magazine

    Empyrion Wealth Founder Kimberly Foss makes the case for skipping this year's required minimum distribution from your retirement plan in this article from Financial Advisor Magazine.

  • Should retiree clients take the RMD holiday in 2020?
    Financial Planning Magazine

    Empyrion Wealth Founder Kimberly Foss argues that retirees should take advantage of the required minimum distribution holiday for 2020 in her latest article for Financial Planning magazine.

  • Why I lost the same client twice
    Financial Planning Magazine

    Empyrion President and Founder Kimberly Foss shares a powerful story about the importance of second chances in her latest column for Financial Planning.

  • Benefits and Pitfalls of Qualified Opportunity Funds
    Advisor Perspectives

    It’s important to do your due diligence before adding qualified opportunity funds (QOF) to your investment portfolio. In this article for Advisor Perspectives, Empyrion Wealth founder Kimberly Foss breaks down the benefits and pitfalls of QOFs.

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