• When another advisor gives terrible advice to a client
    Financial Planning Magazine

    Not all financial advisors are created equal — which means that unethical behavior and conflicted advice may be more prevalent than investors think. In her column for Financial Planning Magazine, Kimberly Foss shares a powerful story that illustrates why finding the right professional to help guide your financial life is of the utmost importance.

  • How to Build an Investment Portfolio
    U.S. News & World Report

    Many millennials, who grew up during the financial crisis of 2008 and the Great Recession that followed, are understandably hesitant about investing — but what they might not realize is staying out of the market could have a larger, and more negative, impact on their financial future. Kimberly Foss offers a few tips to help first-timers ease into the investing world.

  • 4 Retirement Planning Solutions to Make Your $1 Million Last
    Investor's Business Daily

    In a new interview with Investor's Business Daily, Kimberly Foss provides advice retirees can use to make their $1-million nest egg last through retirement.

  • Hello again: When a wayward client returned to the fold
    Financial Planning Magazine

    People before profit, and service above self. Through the lens of her two service philosophies, Empyrion President and Founder Kimberly Foss relives a moment where one of her client relationships was tested, and how their shared commitment and trust righted the course.

  • The ‘elephant in the room’ that’s keeping millions from saving enough for retirement

    People are choosing between paying off student loan debt and saving enough for retirement — but it's possible to do both. President and Founder Kimberly Foss explains why in her latest interview with MarketWatch.

  • A shocking number of Americans don’t know whether they have credit card debt or not

    21% of Americans don't know how much credit card debt they have. Is it too easy to acquire credit online? Kimberly Foss shares her advice with MarketWatch.

  • This simple money advice may be the key to weathering a financial shock

    What happens when one half of a dual-income couple suffers a layoff, or a medical condition that renders them unable to work? Kimberly Foss speaks to the power of smart saving and spending habits in the face of unexpected financial events.

  • Is your firm ready for the new IPO millionaires?
    Financial Planning Magazine

    This year, an unprecedented number of tech companies are preparing to go public, which will create a new wave of millionaires — many of whom are unprepared for the complexities of sudden wealth. Kimberly Foss shares what she's doing to help smooth the transition.

  • The disturbing reasons behind the ‘meteoric rise’ in Americans’ debt

    Research shows that consumer debt is reaching new, all-time highs with no sign of slowing down. How did we get here? Kimberly Foss explains what she thinks led to the epidemic, plus solutions to resolve the issue.

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