Empyrion Wealth Management™ believes that everyone—whatever their current situation—has the freedom to create choice and increase abundance in their life. We also understand that every person we serve has distinct values and ambitions, and they each need their own plan for wealth management.

Empyrion Wealth Management™ believes everyone, regardless of circumstance, has the opportunity to improve their lives through the choices they make. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools and analysis to help them make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families. We understand that each person has their own distinct set of values, ambitions, and objectives, requiring a wealth management strategy tailored to meet their individual needs.

At Empyrion™, our mission is to help you make smart decisions about your money. To do so, we use client- centric consulting to determine what type of plan will keep you on track toward reaching your goals. We have designed this specifically to help us to achieve the following:

1. Understand your true financial goals
2. Create the best possible plan for achieving those goals
3. Keep us on track at each step of the process

Our investment consulting process is based on a series of five meetings:



The Discovery Meeting

At our initial meeting, we will conduct a discovery interview. This will identify the obstacles and financial gaps you face in achieving your financial goals. We will look at where you are, where you want to go, and how we can maximize the possibility of getting you there.


Investment Planning Meeting

At this meeting, we will present our complete diagnostic of your current financial situation and our recommendations for how we help you bridge the gaps in order to reach your goals. This plan will form the foundation for all of our work together. Since we are looking for a lifelong relationship, we encourage you to take the time necessary to be completely comfortable with the plan prior to taking the next step.


Mutual Commitment Meeting

At this point, we will be ready to make a mutual decision about whether Empyrion Wealth Management™ can add substantial value and how best to proceed. If the decision is made to work together, we will commit to work toward achieving your goals. Together, we will also execute the documents necessary to put your investment plan into motion.


60-day Follow-up Meeting

At this meeting, we will help you with your digital account setup and client portal access. We will also answer any questions you may have so that you understand exactly what is happening with your wealth management strategy. 


Regular Progress Meetings

These meetings, scheduled at intervals convenient to you, give us an opportunity to review any major changes in your personal or financial situation since our last meeting. We will also determine if these changes necessitate adjustments to your investment plan. We will also review your overall progress towards your longterm financial goals.