We believe that a rewarding investment experience is the result of diligent quantitative analysis, decades of time-tested research and fundamentals developed by some of the most impressive minds in the academic space.

At Empyrion™, we abide by an investment strategy that is driven by an enduring belief in the power of the financial markets. This strategy is based on the renowned research of Dr. Eugene Fama 1 , and supported by over 30 years of academic research, this Nobel Prize-winning philosophy takes root in financial science and economic theory.

Guided by these principles, we apply investment management techniques that have been time-tested to optimize returns while minimizing risk.

Let the Markets Work for You

It is impossible to know what the future has in store for the financial markets. Instead of speculating, we focus on elements we can control. Our team relies on the principles of risk diversification and multi-class investing, reins in costs, and minimizes tax liabilities and trading fees, which allows our clients to reap more of what they earn on their investments over the long term.

You have your own personal goals, time horizons, and risk tolerance. Each of these should be considered when choosing a financial advisor and investment philosophy. Watch this video (~14 minutes) to learn more about our Four Factor Model and how it connects with our investment philosophy.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us directly.

Stay Disciplined, Tune Out the Talk

Our recommendations emphasize asset allocation and minimized trading over individual stock picking and overactive trading. We avoid spending time trying to identify mispriced securities or speculating the ebbs and flows of the market. Rather than attempting to beat the market with aggressive positions, we strive to provide our clients with solid portfolio design, stability and strategy, which allows them to work toward their goals without inviting unnecessary — and potentially damaging — risk.

At the end of the day, we believe that integrity and trust must be earned — every single day. Keen understanding of our clients and their financial lives drives our approach to investment management.