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Your Interactive Financial Planning Experience

Picture a world in which you had the power to choose your own financial future. What if you could secure your wealth against unexpected events before they actually happened? What if you could see the impact of your financial decisions in real time, in one central place? You no longer have to ask “what-if” — because with EWM Digital, you can.
EWM Digital Interactive Financial Planning Software by Empyrion Wealth Management


Your Entire Financial Life

EWM Digital allows you to try out a range of life scenarios, see the real-time impact of your choices and assess the risks of what-if events on your ability to achieve your objectives.

The result? A more powerful way to organize your financial life, collaborate with your advisor and stay on track to achieve your goals, at the right pace.

Think about your future: What’s on your bucket list? What does life look like for you and your family? EWM Digital allows you to try out a range of life scenarios, see the real-time impact of your choices and assess the risks of what-if events on your ability to achieve your objectives, which may include:

◆     Early Retirement

◆     Business Succession

◆     Financing a College Education

◆     Funding Parental or Long-Term Care

◆     Coordinating Estate Planning and Multigenerational Wealth Transfer

Where is your money going every month? Are you saving enough to meet your goals? How much is enough, anyway? EWM Digital helps you monitor — and better manage — your daily cash flow, uncover your spending patterns and make improvements so you can stay on track with your long-term financial plan and savings goals. You’ll benefit from:

◆ A complete snapshot of your daily transactions across all of your financial institutions.

◆ Customizable spending categories that allow you to get a realistic picture of your expenses.

◆ A budget-builder based on your spending history and cash flow patterns, allowing you to plan for future purchases.

Say goodbye to data-heavy, paper-based portfolio reports and charts. EWM Digital provides you with a detailed and up-to-date summary of your investments, including your asset allocation, historical investment account balances and current account values. You can also gain access to new and relevant market insights, allowing you to stay informed about the issues that matter most to your investment strategy and goals.

Think of your net worth as the hub of your financial plan. Knowing your net worth number helps you create and maintain a budget and allows you to prioritize paying off debt. And now, your net worth statement is easily accessible with EWM Digital. Get a consolidated, organized list of your assets and liabilities and their current values, updated automatically as your situation and goals evolve over time.

Plan, Test, Invest


Keep tabs on your plan to achieve your goals
Automated Alerts

Performance Thresholds

Periodic Evaluation


Where you want to be



Other Future Plans

Review your assets

What you have today
Bank, Credit and Retirement Accounts


Real Estate

Introduce Strategies

Put your plan into action
Asset Allocation

Estate Planning Solutions

Tax Techniques

Provide Next Steps

How to reach your destination
Comprehensive Report

Detailed Recommendations

Personal EWM Digital Website

Perform a Gap Analysis

What you need to get where you want to go
Annuity Options
Asset Allocation
Cash Flow
Risk Tolerance
Savings Plans
Tax Strategies

Set the Stage for Future Success

You have distinct values, ambitions and priorities for your wealth. And that’s exactly where your EWM Digital planning experience starts with what matters most to you. Before we design your financial plan, we’ll establish and document your short-and long-term goals. Here’s an overview of the process:

First, Prioritize

Think about your ideal financial future: What are the big milestones in front of you? Together, we'lll take a look at where you stand, outline what you want to achieve and then strategize how you will get there with specific action steps.

What's the Timing?

When you give yourself a time frame for achieving your goals, you hold yourself accountable. Is your time frame realistic? Do you need to shift your course? We'll provide answers to your pressing questions and set a clear path toward the finish line with defined results.

Are You on Track?

EWM Digital not only helps you define your goals; it also monitors your progress and ensures you stay on the right path. Add your goals to the site and designate accounts to fund them. As time goes on, you can continually gauge how far you've come and how far you need to go.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Put your financial plan to the test. We'll run stress-tests against prospective risks and trade-offs and unexpected life events to make sure your strategy is built to last and puts you in the best position to achieve your objectives.

Get Advice

There's no getting around it: Life is full of twists and turns, which means your financial goals and priorities could change over time. This is where your EWM advisory team comes in. We'll provide the comprehensive support and expert advice you need to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Be Focused

Your financial plan is the catalyst for abundance and choice — the choice to live the life you've always envisioned for yourself. Your EWM advisor will keep a pulse on your plan and make adjustments as needed to ensure continued, long-term success.

Let’s Keep It Simple

When your advisor’s expertise is backed by the power of forward-thinking technology, you experience ease and efficiency. EWM Digital comes equipped with built-in features that give you an instant and in-depth understanding of where you stand, plus a punch list of actions you should take to achieve your goals.

Get Connected.

From your personal bank to your retirement fund, aggregate all of your accounts for a seamless, real-time view of your financial picture. Critical data, reports and recommendations will reflect current market conditions and offer a detailed look at where you stand — and how far you need to go.

Stay on Task.

Get a snapshot of your financial progress, plus alerts and reminders about any new developments or factors that could affect your ability to meet your goals and objectives. From your spending patterns to net worth, receive up-to-date information about your financial plan, so you can see if you’re on target and make changes if needed.

Communicate and Collaborate.

Benefit from direct access to an advisor, including a secure vault to share critical documents and an outlet to ask any questions you may have about your financial plan. This level of collaboration allows us to quickly get up-to-speed when something changes in your current situation and use the portal to make any potential adjustments.

It Takes 5 Steps

How to Get Started

Step 1
Answer a few basic questions about your current finances and future goals.
Step 2
Receive your Invitation Link.

Register for EWM Digital!
Step 3
Connect and aggregate your core financial accounts.
Step 4
Upload important documents and make the portal your own.
Step 5
Watch your financial picture come to life.



$ 79/month for a minimum of 12 months
after $250 initial payment
  • Secure Personal Financial Website
  • DIY Goals-Based Financial Planning
  • Connect and Organize Financial Accounts
  • Online and Mobile Dashboard
  • Automate Budgeting and Monitor Spending
  • Project Your Balance Sheet & Net Worth
  • Manage and Analyze Cash Flow
  • Track and Evaluate Investments
  • Analyze Savings & Withdrawals
  • Secure Document Vault
  • Digital Quarterly Market Updates

EWM Digital
Financial Planning

$ 199/month for a minimum of 12 months
after $550 initial payment
  • All the benefits of EWM Digital, plus:

  • Your Personalized Financial and Retirement Plan — Recommendations, Action Plan and Guidance
  • Analyze Your Pre-Retirement Readiness
  • Tax Analysis & Planning
  • Investment Planning and Recommendations*
  • College and Education Expenses Analysis
  • Estate Planning, Trust and Survivorship Needs
  • Insurance Gap Analysis
  • Stock Options/Grants Analysis & Planning
  • Annual Review Meeting with an EWM Advisor
  • Collaborate and Share Reports with Your Professional Team — CPA, Lawyer, Estate Planner, Insurance Agent
  • Email Support**
  • *Portfolio design and investment management available for additional fees under separate Wealth Management Agreement. Please see our ADV brochure for more information.
  • **Consulting or in-depth Scenario Planning billed at pre-determined hourly rate. Available for Next Generation Coaching, Deferred Compensation Strategies, including RSU/ISOs, Charitable Giving, and other sophisticated planning needs.


What Else Would You Like to Know?

Below, you will find some of the more popular questions clients ask us about EWM Digital. For a comprehensive, how-to guide with all of the information you need to start using your EWM Digital website, please click here.

EWM Digital provides a summary of your entire portfolio as well as a more detailed look into your individual accounts. Account details include individual holdings, value, asset types, net change in value over time and transaction history.

Yes — you have the option to create your own budget manually or to create an auto-budget using the last six months of spending data.

EWM Digital comes equipped with advanced security features and protocols to keep your data safe, private and secure at all times. Our comprehensive security measures include password protection, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection, audits, inspections and more.

Yes — you can receive alerts via the web and email about the various different types of activity that may occur in your accounts, including large deposits, withdrawals, low balances, fees and more. You can customize your alerts by navigating to Settings > Alerts.

After you register for your website, you will receive a confirmation email with your username and a link to access the site via your mobile device. Open this email on your mobile device and click on the link. Next, click the Add to Home Screen button or create a mobile bookmark for quick access.

To collaborate with your EWM advisor in real time, click the Screen Sharing link in the bottom-right footer of your website and provide your advisor with the session code. If your advisor initiates the session, simply enter the code they provide you.

Your Vault is a secure and simple way to store, organize and access important documents relevant to your financial plan, including legal documents, medical records, insurance policies, tax information and more. In addition, your advisor may recommend specific documents to upload.



No — for your security, your EWM Digital website is non-transactional. Unlike online banking, trading or shopping websites, your money cannot be moved, withdrawn or accessed on our system.


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