Create an inspiring legacy that transcends generations. Let Empyrion help you empower your family with choice and opportunity, now and in the future. Your family legacy reaches far beyond wealth or net worth. A commitment to passing the torch and providing a better life for the next generation can provide a vision of security and sustainability.

You’re a family leader, and we understand your devotion to protecting and growing your legacy. But it can be challenging to stay focused on big-picture strategy and long-term goals while also handling the daily financial responsibilities that are essential to managing what you’ve built and ensuring your family’s future financial wellbeing.

Let Us Help You Ensure Your Family’s Future

Take your legacy to the next level with a comprehensive, individually designed management plan. We’ll help you preserve your wealth with a disciplined, market-tested investment strategy that incorporates forward-thinking tax and estate planning solutions. Let us assist you in preparing for the unexpected, taking advantage of growth opportunities and preparing heirs to take up the charge for future generations. Here’s what you’ll experience:

Empyrion Wealth Management Family
Empyrion Wealth Management Family Office Services

Advanced Estate
and Tax Planning

We collaborate with a broad network of skilled estate, tax and financial professionals to help ensure that your wealth provides the maximum benefit for your heirs in the most tax-efficient ways. Tax laws are highly technical, and the landscape is constantly changing, so strategic planning is all the more important for affluent families. You can rely on Empyrion to help you navigate these complexities, putting you in the best possible position to make the most of your wealth. In the face of major transitions, we diligently review, analyze and update your estate and tax plans to ensure continual alignment with your needs and ultimate objectives.

Empyrion Wealth Management Family Stewards Investments

Sophisticated Investment Consulting

Protecting and growing your wealth for future generations requires approaching your investment plan with the same care and diligence you bring to your role as family steward. We build on a foundation of thoughtful, thorough communication to design a plan that puts the power of financial science to work for your legacy.
An enduring belief in the power of the financial markets drives our investment strategies. Based on the Nobel Prize award-winning research of Dr. Eugene Fama 1 and developed over 30 years by some of the most respected academics in the field, our philosophy harnesses the principles of dynamic portfolio design to help you optimize your returns while minimizing risk. The result is a program that can evolve along with your needs as your family’s objectives and goals change over time. And you can rest assured that every recommendation we make puts your best interests first and foremost.

Empyrion Wealth Management Family Steward Building a Legacy

Family Education,
Governance and Support

Your mission, vision and values may evolve over time, as new generations assume leadership roles. From communication and governance to sound trust management, we’ll help you manage family dynamics, empower productive decision-making, mediate conflicts and effectively prepare the next generation to confidently take the reins of your family legacy. Whether you’re focused on making a philanthropic impact or building a family foundation, you can trust us to provide the strategic guidance and expertise you need to strengthen your family’s wealth and sustain your goals for decades to come.

Kimberly Foss, CFP®, CPWA®, is the Founder and President of Empyrion Wealth Management™.