• Video: Why It’s Important to Tune Out the Noise

    Every day, it seems, the financial headlines are screaming contradictory messages. How is an investor supposed to know what to do? Watch this video to understand the true value of tuning out the noise and staying focused on your long-term investment strategy.

  • Market Update: COVID-19 and Stock Prices

    Reports of major outbreaks of COVID-19 (formerly called coronavirus) have emerged in South Korea and in areas outside Asia such as Italy. How will the disease epidemic impact the global financial markets over the long term?

  • How to Thrive, Not Just Survive: Financial Planning Tips and Traps for Executive Women

    There are some common traps that executive women tend to fall into regarding their financial planning. There are also some smart ways to make sure they are getting the most from their asset management plan. Let’s take a look at a couple of each.

  • Five Tips for Women Entrepreneurs in 2020

    More women are turning away from the corporate world and starting their own businesses. Running their own enterprises allows them to make the key decisions, with no limits placed on them by stereotyped role expectations or constraints on upward mobility. Here are five things women entrepreneurs should keep in mind when running their companies.

  • (Grand)Parenting the Second Time Around: Should You Retire to Care for Grandkids?

    According to AARP, some 3 million older adults are raising grandchildren in the US. While many of these “second-time around” caregivers have embraced the role as a familial support system, others are barely coping with their own health and well-being while providing the primary care for the grandkids.

  • Cybersecurity Update: Tips for Staying Safe Online 

    Here are a few key habits you should form that will make you a harder target for hackers and increase your peace of mind while performing the dozens of necessary online tasks that are part of daily life.

  • The New FICO Scoring System: How Will It Affect Your Credit Score?

    The Fair Isaac corporation recently announced the pending release of its new scoring system, FICO® Score 10 Suite. Characterizing the new version of its flagship credit scoring system as a tool that “gives lenders unparalleled flexibility and predictive power to make more precise lending decisions,” the company says the product will be available in the summer.

  • Launch a Business After Retirement? Startups Aren’t Just for Youngsters Anymore 

    You might think that these “graying entrepreneurs” were forced into startup mode because of job losses in the Great Recession or some similar reason. But on the contrary, the majority of older, retired entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses because they love it.

  • Getting What You Pay For—and More 

    I especially appreciate Dimensional’s commitment to providing the most efficient and cost-effective service to investors because this mirrors my pledge to my clients. As I work with thriving retirees, family stewards, women in transition, and others, I am dedicated to providing value that goes far beyond simple execution of trades.

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