• Are Retirement Medical Costs Really That Scary?

    Much of the public discourse about retirement revolves around the rising cost of health care and the inadequacy of resources like Social Security and Medicare. But are retirement medical expenses as steep as people portray them to be?

  • 7 Steps to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

    After all those years of paying into the system, many thriving retirees are looking forward to the day when they can begin receiving those monthly Social Security benefit checks. Take these important steps to make sure you're getting all of the funds you deserve.

  • Do You Qualify? Using the Restricted Application to Get Extra Social Security Income for Life

    If you will reach your full retirement age in 2019, you are one of the last thriving retirees that's eligible to take advantage of a valuable Social Security strategy.

  • Model Behavior: The Benefits and Limitations of Financial Modeling

    Financial models are an important tool for investors and financial professionals, including advisors. But how exactly do they apply to your financial plan?

  • Until Taxes Do Us Part: When Filing Jointly Doesn’t Make Sense

    A successful marriage is made up of total trust, shared goals and complete transparency. However, your tax return is one thing you may choose to tackle separately, thanks to new laws ushered in by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

  • SECURE and RESA: What They Could Mean for Your Retirement

    Congress is on the brink of passing a law that could better assist Americans who want to save more for retirement and business owners who want to help their employees put money away for the future. If passed, what will the SECURE and RESA legislation mean for you and your financial goals?

  • Unlock Tax Benefits With a Health Savings Account

    Healthcare costs continue to rise and many popular tax deductions have been eliminated by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 — leaving few opportunities to reap savings on medical expenses. Is now the right time for you to establish a health savings account?

  • The Yield Curve Has Inverted — Is It Time to Panic?

    If you've kept a pulse on the financial news, there's almost no chance that you missed the recent alarmist headlines about the inverted yield curve, sparking collective worry over an upcoming economic recession. Is there any truth to this economic indicator? Should you be concerned? Let's separate the facts from speculation.

  • The Top Trust Fund Mistakes to Avoid

    Family leaders often decide to establish trust funds for their heirs because they're motivated by a deep desire to provide for and secure the next generation. But the process involves so much more than just choosing the right investment strategy. Make sure you avoid these four common mistakes.

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