• Romance and Finance: Smart Tips for Couples

    If you want to maintain a happy, healthy relationship with your spouse, open communication about financial matters is key. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, consider starting the conversation with these smart tips.

  • Taming the Rollercoaster

    What’s the best strategy for navigating choppy investment markets? The classic advice is to hang on for dear life — but is there a better option? Explore the concept of dollar-cost averaging and how it can help you weather market turbulence.

  • Video: Why It’s Important to Tune Out the Noise

    Every day, it seems, the financial headlines are screaming contradictory messages. How is an investor supposed to know what to do? Watch this video to understand the true value of tuning out the noise and staying focused on your long-term investment strategy.

  • Single Women and Money: The Basics Are Even More Important

    For single women, including women in transition and especially those who have never been married, understanding basic financial principles is even more crucial. Discover the right tools and expertise to apply these basics to your own financial life.

  • Women and Divorce: Six Unpleasant Financial Surprises

    Women need to develop a financial strategy that can bring them out successfully on the other side of the divorce crucible. Avoid these six financial surprises and consult with an advisor that works with and understands the financial implications of divorce.

  • Boost Your Savings With These Three Resolutions in 2019

    Successful goal-setters will tell you that one secret to achieving your objective is making it as specific as possible. If you do just a couple of small things differently and be consistent over the long haul, you can put yourself on the road to long-term prosperity. Establish some financial resolutions with a laser focus.

  • Resolving to Save: New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Punish Your Wallet

    New Year’s resolutions: those solemn promises that we make to ourselves. January tends to be the biggest month of the year for sales of gym memberships and signups for nutrition products. Let’s take a look at some lower-cost alternatives that could help you get the same results.

  • Naughty or Nice? Notes on Current Market Conditions

    What should investors make of all this market volatility? As I frequently remind my clients, when the market environment looks worrisome, it’s important to maintain a disciplined, strategic approach, rather than reacting emotionally. Follow three principal concepts that help investors stay on track, even during turbulent markets.

  • Inverted Yield Curve, So What?

    The markets just don’t send us clear signals about what they’re going to do, despite what you read, even though quick-twitch traders seem to be selling at the moment. What the press has pointed out is that the three-year rate of 2.84% is slightly higher than the five-year rate of 2.83%—a very small inversion in a very small part of the overall curve.  By the time you read this, the 5-year may again be yielding more than the 3-year.

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