• Book Report: Best Finance and Investing Books for Kids, Grads, and Young Professionals

    Financial learning shouldn’t wait until you start thinking about retirement. In fact, the earlier one starts learning about finance the better. The key is in the presentation. Here are some books for financial learning for anyone pre-K to MBA.

  • Long-Term Investors: 10 Keys to Success

    An investors best path to building a solid portfolio for the long haul is to work with a professional, fiduciary financial advisor. Here we discuss 10 questions that every investor should consider.

  • You Can’t Know Everything, and You Don’t Have To: A Different Way to Look at Investing

    No one has ever shown a consistent ability to predict the financial markets. Here, Kimberly Foss discusses 3 principles that can help you make effective use of the financial markets to meet your long-term goals.

  • Picking up the Pieces: Life as a Young Widow

    Losing a spouse is always wrenching, no matter how late in life it happens, however, the questions, emotional riptides, and life transitions facing younger widows can be especially challenging. Here, Kimberly Foss discusses some of the unique issues of younger widows.

  • “Use It or Lose It?” Keeping an Eye on Tax Law Changes

    Congress is debating some potential changes to the tax laws, especially as they affect high–net worth individuals and families. Right now isn’t the time for inattention, as certain provisions are being debated that could take effect as early as the end of this month. For certain individuals, it could look like more of a “trick” than a “treat.”

  • When Only One of You Retires: Tips for Couples

    Whether you are planning to retire together or at different times, clear communication is a must. Here, Kimberly Foss discusses some of the conversations couples need to have.

  • Retirement Investors: This Back Door May Be Closing for Good

    Among the many provisions in the multi-trillion-dollar legislative package being debated in Congress is a provision that would eliminate a strategy that allows high-income investors to pursue tax-free retirement income: the so-called back-door Roth IRA. Here, Kimberly Foss discusses the history of the "back-door Roth IRA" and why the next few months may present the last chance to take advantage of it.

  • Finally: A Good Idea from Washington! (Seriously, You Should Review This Retirement Checklist)

    A new publication from the Department of Labor, “Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Retirement," is actually a very helpful retirement checklist. Here, Kimberly Foss gives a summary of the DOL’s ten points on how you can make sure you’re ready to retire—and not outlive your income.

  • When Bad News Is Good News: Inflation and Your Social Security Benefit

    While inflation is usually bad news to most investors, it may give social security recipients their largest cost-of-living adjustment since 1982. Here, Kimberly Foss discusses the cost-of-living adjustment for social security recipients and how inflation affects it.

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