Video: Dimensional’s David Booth Offers Perspective on Forecasting

Empyrion Wealth Mangement Forecasting

Every day, it seems, people watching, reading, or listening to the financial news media are served up headlines calculated to produce anxiety. Especially this time of year, we’re typically treated to some variation on the theme: “The only way to make money in the upcoming market is to pick the right stocks.” Most often, this is followed by advice intended to generate trades.

In this timely video, David Booth, financial scholar and executive chairman of Dimensional Fund Advisors, explains that the real secret to long-term success in the equity markets isn’t in picking the right stocks while forecasting, but rather in picking the right strategy and avoiding unnecessary costs. For almost 40 years, Dimensional Fund Advisors has been using Nobel Prize–winning financial research to deliver consistent returns for long-term investors.

Hear David explain, firsthand, the basics of the investment philosophy that has helped thousands of individual investors meet their financial goals.

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