• Inflation: Is There a Cure for Your Portfolio?

    With inflation apparently on the rise, many investors are concerned about its effect on the purchasing power of their portfolios. Here, Kimberly Foss discusses a study by analysts at Dimensional Funds on the long-term effects of inflation on various types of portfolio assets.

  • The Impact of Inflation

    When many investors think of investment risk, they focus on the stock market, which, as we know, goes through both rising and falling cycles. But there’s more than one type of risk to consider, especially if you’re concerned about the future purchasing power of your retirement funds. And the risk that many investors forget about is inflation, the “silent thief.”

  • National 401K Day is Coming: Are You Ready to Celebrate?

    Since 1996, the Friday after Labor Day is designated as 401(k) Day. Kimberly Foss discusses how this day is used to promote 401(k)s and encourage employees to start taking their retirement planning seriously.

  • Financial and Economic Roundup

    Heading into the last part of the year, Kimberly Foss discusses the financial and economic topics she is watching now. From job gains to inflation to the unknowns of the Delta variant, Kimberly shares what she sees as the important things to watch.

  • The Empty Nest and Your Finances: Tips for Women in Transition

    When becoming an empty nester, there are not only emotional changes but financial changes as well. Kimberly Foss takes a look at a some ideas for the repositioning that can provide important resources as you transition into the next phase of your adventure.

  • Reflecting on Fifty Years of Allowing the Markets to Work for You

    Kimberly Foss discusses the history of indexing and the Dimensional approach to investing. Rather than try to predict price movements, the Dimensional concept harnesses the broad power of the markets themselves to help investors reach their financial goals.

  • Medicines of the Future: More Personalized, More Technologically Advanced

    Medicines of the future will be highly specialized to the individual. Kimberly Foss discusses how advances in genetic sequencing and nanotechnology might change the way our medicines are delivered.

  • IPOs, SPACs, and Direct Listings: Key Points for Investors

    Kimberly Foss gives a quick explanation of the three methods that companies use to sell their stock to the public: initial public offerings (IPOs), special-purpose acquisitions companies (SPACs), and direct listings. Although the end purpose is the same, the mechanics of each are slightly different.

  • The Joys—and Trials—of the Open Road: Is the RV Life for You?

    Kimberly Foss discusses the many sides of the RV lifestyle. If the open road is calling your name and the prospect of traveling at will is enticing, take a closer look to see if RV-ing is for you.

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