• Harnessing the Power of the Markets: Asset Allocation That Works for You

    Aligning your portfolio design and asset allocation with the suitable "dimensions" can, over time, provide superior returns without incurring excessive trading or management costs. We take a look at some of those "dimensions" here.

  • Bear or no Bear? Does it Matter?

    In U.S. stock market history, bear markets happen roughly every four years and eight months.  With a couple of recent down days in the markets, we may or may not be in the early stages of a new one.

  • Marriage and Money: The Earlier You Talk about It, the Better

    Although financial conversations in marriage can be unpleasant, clear communication about money matters is a must. Here are three crucial areas where couples need to be straight with each other.

  • The End of The Buying Spree

    The Federal Reserve Board is tapering off its buying of bonds. Here we discuss what that could mean and the effects it may have on the economy.

  • Defining Wealth: You May Do It Differently Than Your Kids

    Different generations tend to have different ways of defining wealth and the responsibilities that go with it. Here we talk about those differences and discuss how legacy planning should take that into consideration.

  • Formula for life

    If you’re looking for a quick list of ways to improve your physical and mental health, you could do worse than follow a list compiled by Bala Afshar, author of The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence, who works as “chief digital evangelist” for the Salesforce CRM organization.

  • “Tune Out the Noise”: Why Short-Term Results Can Be Misleading

    Here, we take a look at why investors should not allow themselves to be distracted by the short-term “noise” around any investment. Their focus should remain firmly fixed on the long-term view.

  • Your Midlife Comeback: Changing Careers after 50

    One is ever too old to make a change, especially if that change is to pursue a career that we're passionate about. Here are some tips and questions to get you thinking.

  • Your 2021 Year-End Checklist

    As 2021 comes to a close, it's a good time to go through your financial and other documents to make sure you’re ready to close out the year. Here is a year-end checklist to help you out.

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