• FOX40

    Kimberly Foss appears on FOX40 to discuss how to pick the perfect advisor.

  • Overlooked Tax Deductions

    Kimberly offers valuable tax deduction advice. Kimberly states that little deductions add up. For example, you can deduct 14 cents a mile for travel to charity events.

  • CNBC – Closing Bell

    Kimberly says investors are confused in today's market because there are so many opinions out there. Kimberly states that to create wealth you should stay fully invested in the market but to keep value added stocks that pay dividends consistently and maintain healthy balance sheets. Example stocks are ATT, Exxon and Walmart.

  • Fox 40 – Maintaining Discipline

    Kimberly Foss guest appears on FOX 40 to discuss maintaining discipline when facing financial trouble. Kimberly suggests to find a seasoned advisor to help create an investment strategy you can stick with.

  • Fox Business – The Intelligence Report

    Kimberly guest appears on Trish Regan's FOX Business, The Intelligence Report, to discuss the recent stock market decline. The decrease in oil prices have caused most of the downward trend. Kimberly states that there was a lot of volatility and once oil prices stabilize, the market will strengthen.

  • Fox Business – The Intelligence Report

    Kimberly Foss joins Trish Regan of The Intelligence Report to discuss China's stock market plunge on Thursday. Kimberly says to be cautious in the short-term but states that the plunge presents opportunities to buy stocks at cheaper prices.

  • Fox Business – Neil Cavuto

    Kimberly Foss joins Neil Cavuto to share her opinion on the recent Bernie Sanders speech regarding wall street and banks.

  • Sacramento & Company

    Kimberly Foss shares tips with host Mellisa Paul on how to take control of finances and where to find free resources that can help manage money on a daily basis.

  • Fox Business – Varney & Co

    Kimberly offers her advice on value oriented stocks. She likes Exxon for investment. Kimberly says it is a 4 billion dollar company and offers a 3.7% dividend. Another recommendation is AT&T with a 5.6% dividend.

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