• FOX News – Neil Cavuto Show

    Is heathcare a right? Protester's hit the street demanding the government provides healthcare for everyone.

  • Fox Business – Intelligence Report

    Kimberly weighs in on the Fed and interest rates during an appearance on the “The Intelligence Report.” Discussing the rate hike, she notes that it is a positive for the markets – adding that fundamental growth is good for the investor and leads to wealth creation.

  • FOX News: Your World with Neil Cavuto

    Kimberly Foss joins Neil Cavuto to discuss President Trump's impact on the market. She believes we have a President who is committed to creating jobs and this is all good for the growth of our country.

  • Fox 40 – 2017 Financial Resolutions

    Kimberly Foss joins FOX 40 to offer financial resolution tips for 2017. With the start of a new year, Kimberly says to start by making specific goals that are specific and achievable.

  • Fox40: Federal Rate Hike – What Does It Mean for Your Portfolio?

    Federal Rate Hike - What Does It Mean for Your Portfolio? Kimberly Foss of Empyrion Wealth Management answers these questions.

  • Fox Business – Intelligence Report

    The Federal Reserve raises rate by 25 basis points. What should we expect to happen next?

  • Fox Business – The Intelligence Report

    Kimberly Foss weighs in as a panelist on Fox Business Network’s “The Intelligence Report” with host Trish Regan immediately following the Federal Reserve’s November meeting to discuss the potential impact of the upcoming presidential election on the markets.

  • FOX 40: Getting Ready for Retirement

    Kimberly Foss offers valuable tips on getting ready for the big retirement day!

  • CNBC – Closing Bell – Markets ahead of Yellen

    Kimberly Foss joins CNBC’s “Closing Bell” to weigh in on what she expects from the Fed at its upcoming meeting, the sectors she’s focusing on to generate fixed income for her thriving retirees, and whether current controversial headlines will affect the health care sector.

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