• Severing the Knot after Age 50

    Divorce is difficult at any age, but when it involves the division of a lifetime’s worth of assets – multiple properties, retirement funds, and investment accounts – it can seriously undermine the economic well-being of both parties involved.

  • Think You’re Too Old to Worry About Credit Checks?

    In an article discussing why it’s important for retirees to maintain solid credit ratings, Kimberly Foss notes that even high net worth individuals need solid credit scores to benefit from financing big purchases, like a new car, so they can preserve or invest their cash.

  • Lending Money to Family

    Kimberly Foss offers insight on the sensitive subject of lending money to family and friends, recommending a notarized loan document as one way to increase the chances of being repaid.

  • How to Divorce Your Joint Checking Account

    Going through a divorce may be difficult, but closing a joint bank account doesn’t have to be. Kimberly Foss suggests opening a new account in your name first, then closing joint accounts together and in person if possible.

  • A Bright Outlook Helps Retirement Planners Shine
    Financial Planning

    Don’t blame clients for thinking that saving for retirement is all work and no play. Consider advisers’ common initial feedback to prospective clients: “You are not saving enough.” “Your portfolio isn’t diversified enough.”

  • Can My ‘529’ Be Used for Off-Campus Housing?

    Be prepared for college expenses. Learn what you can use your 529 college savings account for.

  • The First Thing You Should Do With Your Social Security Check

    What steps should you do before you cash your first social security check. Kimberly Foss says first to make sure the amount is correct before cashing.

  • Student Loans can be a Disaster for Parents, Too

    Should you be paying off your children's student loans? Whiling it might be tempting, most of us should not be doing this.

  • 4 Credit Lessons Men can Learn from Women

    There was a time not too long ago when talking about women and credit cards would evoke images of fashion divas wielding their plastic to fuel their designer shoe obsession.

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