• More Kids Choose Summer Camps that Focus on Finance

    Kimberly Foss discusses the importance of teaching children about money. "If we want our kids to avoid the mistakes we made, we need to teach them some basic guidelines, because they aren't going to learn them in school," she says.

  • Should You Stop Taking Money from Your Parents?

    If your parents occasionally gift you money, you may consider yourself fortunate. But for parents whose savings likely took a hit during the Great Recession, even a couple thousand dollars a year could contribute substantially to their retirement.

  • How Should Divorced Parents Navigate Paying for Their Child’s Wedding?

    Kimberly Foss discusses how divorced parents should navigate paying for their child's wedding. She provides tips on how a bride-to-be should start the conversation with her parents and how to decide who pays for what.

  • Americans Don’t Have a Clue How to Pay Their Bills

    Kimberly Foss offers advice about prioritizing bills and provides tips on getting a payment extension with required grace periods.

  • Rents in San Francisco — and these 4 other cities

    Kimberly Foss provides tips on negotiating lower rent prices. “Most important of all — communicate early and often. If you wait until the day before your lease is up, your bargaining position is severely limited,” says Foss.

  • This is the # 1 Thing New Parents Worry About

    Kimberly Foss discusses how parents should be building their retirement savings before saving money for their kid’s college fund. “Your kids can always find some way to get loans for school, but no one but you is going to finance your retirement,” Foss explains.

  • When is the Best Time to Put Money in your IRA?

    Kimberly Foss is featured in an article about the best time to put money in an IRA. She notes that her number one piece of advice for IRA investors is to make contributions every year of eligibility, and explains how failing to contribute at all is the biggest mistake investors make.

  • The ABCs of Retirement Planning

    In theory, building wealth sufficient to support retirement is not difficult. It’s really about the money you invest, its growth rate and the time period over which it grows.

  • Planning for Healthcare in Retirement

    Kimberly Foss discusses what her female clients need to know about planning for health care in retirement and when they should consider long-term care insurance. “Age, health history and family support are all factors in deciding whether long-term care insurance is needed or not,” Kimberly says.

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