• When is the Best Time to Put Money in your IRA?

    Kimberly Foss is featured in an article about the best time to put money in an IRA. She notes that her number one piece of advice for IRA investors is to make contributions every year of eligibility, and explains how failing to contribute at all is the biggest mistake investors make.

  • The ABCs of Retirement Planning

    In theory, building wealth sufficient to support retirement is not difficult. It’s really about the money you invest, its growth rate and the time period over which it grows.

  • Planning for Healthcare in Retirement

    Kimberly Foss discusses what her female clients need to know about planning for health care in retirement and when they should consider long-term care insurance. “Age, health history and family support are all factors in deciding whether long-term care insurance is needed or not,” Kimberly says.

  • 7 Ways Women Can Cut The Cost Of Long-Term Care Insurance
    Forbes.com & Nextavenue.com

    Kimberly Foss bylines an article for NextAvenue on ways women can cut long-term care insurance costs, including talking to an advisor about options, reducing the risk of premium hikes, opening a Health Savings Account, etc.

  • Why This One Investment Pro Loves Exxon, AT&T and REITs in 2017

    Kimberly Foss discusses why oil, telecoms and REITs may stand to benefit in 2017, as investors still need income from dividends. She also notes how the changing political landscape may also help.

  • Should you Build a CD Ladder?

    In an article discussing CD ladders, Kimberly Foss notes that they work best for conservative investors or those in need of a conservative portion of a diversified income portfolio. She will use them, for example, for a widow who has not been the decision-maker in the financial sphere and is conservative.

  • 5 Biggest Retirement Savings Mistakes to Avoid

    Kimberly Foss highlights some of the biggest retirement saving mistakes to avoid, including overestimating wage-earning years. Kimberly notes that some workers insist they will work until age 70, so their nest egg has more time to grow. Trouble is, that’s not always possible.

  • Why Millennials Should Avoid This One Retirement Product

    Kimberly Foss discusses why millennials should steer clear of target date funds. She covers avoiding “set-it-and-forget-it” investments and explains the importance of working with a financial advisor to create an overall wealth plan.

  • What’s Going on with the Stock Market? Up Down and All Around.

    Amid recent market volatility, Kimberly Foss reminds investors to focus on asset allocation and diversification. “Investing is a long-term endeavor: Stay diversified and stay the course,” she says.

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