• This is the thing most likely to cause you financial ruin — but few prepare for it

    Unforeseen medical issues — and the expenses that come with them — can derail a life's worth of savings, causing major financial devastation. Kimberly Foss, president and founder of Empyrion Wealth Management, helps us understand how to avoid it.

  • What Can the Bezos Divorce Teach Us About Prenups?

    The headline-making divorce of Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, has shed a new light on prenups. Are they necessary for everyday couples? How exactly do they work? Kimberly Foss, president and founder of Empyrion Wealth Management, weighs in on the conversation.

  • Lots of likes won’t cut it anymore — next-level social media for advisors
    Financial Planning Magazine

    Though the world of social media is constantly evolving, one thing hasn't changed: Every single touchpoint matters — and credibility is everything. President and Founder Kimberly Foss shares six tips to help advisors build a successful presence in the social space.

  • Financial Infidelity: Why We Lie About Money and How to Solve the Problem

    Most financial fibs are innocent, right? Not so fast. Kimberly Foss, president and founder of Empyrion Wealth Management, stresses the importance of coming clean about financial infidelities — before it's too late.

  • 8 Questions to Ask During Volatile Markets
    U.S. News and World Report

    How diversified am I? Kimberly Foss, president and founder Empyrion Wealth Management in Roseville, California, says diversification across equity, fixed income and other investments can help investors ride out market volatility.

  • Stocks have tumbled. Why aren’t my clients calling?
    Financial Planning Magazine

    Staying disciplined during the challenging times builds the foundation for greater wealth during the easier times. We spend most of our time encouraging our clients to adopt this attitude. And during days like the ones we've seen recently, it pays off.

  • Why $1 Million won’t be enough for most of you to retire

    In a recent survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, just 31% said $1 million is not enough to live off of in retirement. But it’s that small group who’s probably right, experts say. Indeed, Kimberly Foss, President and Founder of Empyrion Wealth Management, says that for most Americans $1 million won’t be enough: When you factor in inflation, Americans’ average age and salary and assume people will retire at 65, she says that $2 million is a better number for many of us to aim for.

  • Stocks end higher after rocky session
    Yahoo Finance

    Kimberly Foss, President and Founder of Empyrion Wealth Management, shares why investors should not be basing their long-term investments on shifting political winds, like President Trump's trade spat with China. "Timing the market is really a loser's game," she says, especially since the market has already priced in the outlook on tariffs and trade.

  • Estate Planning Tips: 8 Ways To Help Your Spouse After You Die
    Investor's Business Daily

    How can you financially safeguard your spouse in the event of your death? Kimberly Foss discusses key estate planning tips individuals should consider in order to ease the burden on their loved ones.

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