• Navigating the Tight Job Market of Our Automated Future

    You’ve read that robots, automation and artificial intelligence are likely to displace millions of workers in the coming ten to 20 years.  So if you or someone you care about wants to stay ahead of that curve, what skills would you need to make you an ideal worker in that automated future?

  • Consider an HSA to Boost Retirement Income

    There are important angles to HSAs that ought to be considered by qualified individuals in terms of giving retirement income a tax-advantaged shot in the arm.

  • Exercise for Life

    By now, you’ve probably read about surprising new scientific research that has shown that physical exercise is not—despite what we’ve heard for generations—a very effective weight loss technique. So is there any good reason to hit the gym, or might you as well hang out on the couch?

  • Will the June 9 Rollout of the Fiduciary Rule Affect You?

    By law, a fiduciary is defined as a person who is ethically bound to act always in the client’s best interest, which means giving impartial advice that is not influenced by the commission or compensation received if the client buys a certain product or invests in a particular fund or account.

  • High-Paying Jobs for College Business Grads

    As thousands of high school seniors prepare to leave home and head to college, many are interested in their best prospects for landing a career that will help them meet their personal financial goals.

  • Money in Cyberspace

    One of the strangest investment vehicles ever designed is something called the Bitcoin, which is at once an exciting new technology for managing online transactions and an alternative currency to national currencies like the dollar, yen and euro.

  • Economic Progress

    It’s not uncommon to hear people wish that we could return to the “good old days,” when the world seemed more prosperous.

  • Creative Giving

    Giving to a charity is easy, right? You write a check and send it off to your favorite 501(c)(3) organization, and get a full deduction for the amount on your tax return, up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. Most professionals would recommend that you put a bit more thought into how you give.

  • Starship Medicine

    If you’ve ever watched the Star Trek TV show, or any of the franchise’s movies, you’ve probably noticed that spaceship medicine is different from what we’re accustomed to. Instead of a physical exam, on the Starship Enterprise, the doctor points a blinking device at the patient and arrives at an instant diagnosis of any health issue.

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