• 529 Plans May Get a Boost from Congress

    According to a report on CNBC.com, a recent announcement by two US representatives could offer serious benefits for current and prospective college students, recent graduates, and their parents, including those who are trying to pay off student loans.

  • Looking ahead to 2017: What can we expect? What can we plan for?

    Perhaps more than any year in recent history, 2017 is shaping up to be a year of fiscal change. And with the unconventional Donald Trump as president, many of these changes will emanate from Washington, D.C.

  • Withdrawal or Borrow from 401k?

    Are you considering a major purchase such as a vehicle or new home? Maybe you are looking to pay off your credit cards or make the next college tuition payment. Many people ask if they should take a withdrawal from their 401k to make these purchases or payments. I would never recommend a withdrawal from your 401k unless it was absolutely necessary.

  • Higher Rates: The Tempest in the Teapot

    Anybody who was surprised that the Federal Reserve Board decided to raise its benchmark interest rate this week probably wasn’t paying attention. The U.S. economy is humming along, the stock market is booming and the unemployment rate has fallen faster than anybody expected.

  • The Cost of Sleep Deprivation

    The holidays are murder on our sleep patterns (let alone our waistlines). Are you getting enough sleep? If not, you might be costing your employer significant productivity, which the Rand Europe think tank has now translated into aggregate dollars across the global economy.

  • The Employed and the Drop-Outs

    Headlines told us that the U.S. economy added 178,000 jobs in November, dropping the unemployment rate to 4.6%—the lowest level since August 2007, and surely an improvement over the 10% rates of the Great Recession. Those numbers represent great news, and indicate that the country is in strong shape!

  • Roth Conversions and Mandatory Distributions

    You probably know that the IRS requires you to start taking mandatory distributions from your IRA when you turn 70 1/2, even if you don’t actually need the money. But can you do a Roth conversion at that late date, and thereby defer distributions forever?

  • Balancing Act

    Are you ready to achieve work-life balance during this holiday season – or any season for that matter?  The American Sociological Review has published a study showing that most of us struggle—which is a fancy word for “fail”—in this important endeavor.  But there’s hope.  The study also found that the minority of people who HAVE managed to achieve some form of the work/life holy grail are doing certain things well.

  • Preliminary Tax Forecast

    Many of President-Elect Donald Trump’s policy proposals are too vague to analyze, but one area where he has been clear is on reforming our tax system. Here’s a quick primer on the changes that you can expect to be introduced to Congress in the coming year.

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