• Dimensional On: Recent Market Volatility

    Jake DeKinder, Head of Advisor Communication for Dimensional Fund Advisors, explains why investors should view recent market declines as part of the nature of investing.

  • More Volatility and Perspective on the Recent Market Events

    It looks like the U.S. stock market will finally get something that happens, on average, about once a year: a 10+% percent drop—the definition of a market correction/pullback. The last time this happened was a whopper—the Great Recession drop that caused U.S. stocks to drop more than 50%–so most people today probably think corrections/pullbacks are catastrophic.

  • Should We Be Alarmed?

    Should we be alarmed by the recent downturn of the stock market? The S&P 500 stocks are, in aggregate, worth 2.13% less than they were yesterday.

  • Downturn for What?

    On Tuesday morning, Wall Street traders woke up to something they haven’t experienced much of lately: actual market volatility.

  • Eerily Quiet on the Market Front

    While the U.S. stock market tests new highs, and valuations keep rising farther above long-term averages, you may not have noticed something very odd about our current bull market.

  • False Visions of the Future

    The financial experts know a lot more about the markets and how the markets will perform in the future than the ordinary rest of us. Right?

  • More Than a Tax Deduction: The Real Value of a Financial Advisor

    As many are aware by now, one of the central features of the tax law that went into effect on January 1, 2018, is the repeal or limitation of a number of deductions that many taxpayers were accustomed to listing on their Schedule A forms.

  • The “January Indicator” for Stocks: Is It Real?

    If you’ve been around the stock market long enough, you’ve probably heard of the “January Indicator,” sometimes called the “January Barometer.”

  • Formula for life

    If you’re looking for a quick list of ways to improve your physical and mental health, you could do worse than follow a list compiled by Bala Afshar, author of The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence, who works as “chief digital evangelist” for the Salesforce CRM organization.

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