• Tax Law Talking Points

    In a last-minute ceremony at the Oval Office on Friday, 12/22/17, President Trump signed the new tax bill into law. There are some actions that taxpayers and investors may want to take now—before the end of 2017—and some other factors that they will want to consider carefully for 2018 and beyond.

  • Why Rebalance?

    You probably know that your investment portfolio is being rebalanced on a regular basis, but you might not know why. Is it for higher returns? For maintaining the agreed-upon balance of investments that is in your risk tolerance comfort zone? Does rebalancing help manage portfolio risk?

  • Making that Impression

    When you meet people, at work, in interviews, at parties, there is a lot of judging going on, and the good or bad impression you make usually isn’t based on the words you say.

  • Senate Tax Bill

    The U.S. House of Representatives passed its proposed tax “reform” bill last month, and now the Senate has followed suit. Interestingly, the two bills are different enough that the two sides are going to have to meet and hammer out a compromise.

  • Can You Afford the Cost of Being a Caregiver?

    With the oldest Baby Boomers reaching their 80s in the next few years, it might not surprise you to learn that the number of Americans needing assistance with the challenges of aging is on the upswing.

  • “Bearing” in Mind

    One of the oddities of a significant bull market—and this one we’re in today qualifies, as the second-longest in modern American history—is that they tend to go on longer than you might expect from the pure market fundamentals.

  • The New Tax Legislation

    Chances are, you’ve heard that tax “reform” is right around the corner—that is, if you can call it “reform” when hundreds or perhaps thousands of new pages are about to be added to the tax code. First, the White House released its tax legislation wish list.

  • The Economic Myth-Destroyer Gets his Due

    Imagine a person who always, in every circumstance, makes rational decisions with his money. He saves when he ought to and spends exactly as he should spend, in order to maximize the “utility” of whatever wealth he happens to possess.

  • Give Your Retirement Plan a Raise!

    It might surprise you to hear that the Internal Revenue Service has some good news for you. IRS notice 2017-64, released recently, raises the annual contribution limits on most retirement plans, starting January 1, 2018.

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