• What Should You Do about the Equifax Data Breach?

    Many consumers were unnerved to learn that Equifax, the giant credit-reporting corporation, suffered a data breach between mid-May and July that exposed sensitive personal information for an estimated 143 million individuals.

  • Cybersecurity Incident & Important Consumer Information

    Recently several clients have called to inquire about the Equifax notification that criminal hacking may have occurred. Here is the announcement from Equifax and a link for you to check to make sure your identify was not compromised.

  • Aging Without Support

    Probably the most forgotten minority in America is the “elder orphans”—aging retirees who no longer have a spouse (if they ever had one), no kids and no caregiver.

  • Bad Barometer

    Chances are, the market barometer you most often hear about is the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Every evening, the Dow’s ups or downs are soberly reported as if they reflect something important. They don't.

  • What Does it Mean When Your Portfolio is Up 10%?

    The only way to know if your investments are “beating the market” is to compare their performance to “the market,” which is not easy.

  • Vanishing Equities

    Most of the decline has come from vanishing companies ranging from small to microcap—the sort of names you probably haven’t heard of.

  • The Keys to Connecting

    How well do you connect with other people in informal social occasions? If you tend to be shy or awkward at cocktail parties or networking events, it can be bad for your career and rob you of connection with others who might become friends or mentors.

  • Should You Take That Early Retirement Offer?

    Even though unemployment is currently at a historically low rate, most would not describe the American economy as “booming.” So, it isn’t surprising that many companies and even some private institutions like universities and hospitals are offering early retirement packages as a way of replacing long-term, higher-paid employees with newer, lower-compensated personnel.

  • Student Loan Interest Rate Hike

    Starting July 1, rates on new student loans will go up, according to the formula the US Department of Education uses to set rates on Stafford loans and PLUS loans.

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