• The Luck Factor

    Why are some people wealthier or more successful than others? The default explanation has always been that the wealthier among us are more diligent and/or smarter or more talented than the less-wealthy, so that the cream eventually rises to the top.

  • Currencies and Protectionism

    There is no question, if the Trump Administration’s steel and aluminum tariffs lead to carefully-targeted tit-for-tat retaliations against American products around the world, the resulting trade war scenario would be terrible for the global economy.

  • Five Social Security Changes for 2018

    Those approaching retirement and those already retired and receiving Social Security benefits will want to take particular note of five changes announced by the SSA effective January 1, 2018.

  • Much to do About…

    You may have heard about the “Trump Tariffs;” that is, the proposed 25% surtax on all steel imports coming into the U.S. from foreign manufacturers, and a similar 10% surtax on aluminum.

  • The 2018 Tax Season: Out with the Old, In with the New (But Not Yet)

    With all the discussion surrounding the passage of the new tax law at the end of 2017, it may seem to many taxpayers that everything has changed.

  • Trust as Retirement Account Beneficiary: Pros and Cons

    Designation of a trust as beneficiary for an IRA, 401K, or other retirement account is a popular option for retirement account holders who wish to continue to exert some control over the disposition of their assets following their death.

  • Dimensional On: Recent Market Volatility

    Jake DeKinder, Head of Advisor Communication for Dimensional Fund Advisors, explains why investors should view recent market declines as part of the nature of investing.

  • More Volatility and Perspective on the Recent Market Events

    It looks like the U.S. stock market will finally get something that happens, on average, about once a year: a 10+% percent drop—the definition of a market correction/pullback. The last time this happened was a whopper—the Great Recession drop that caused U.S. stocks to drop more than 50%–so most people today probably think corrections/pullbacks are catastrophic.

  • Should We Be Alarmed?

    Should we be alarmed by the recent downturn of the stock market? The S&P 500 stocks are, in aggregate, worth 2.13% less than they were yesterday.

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