• What Does it Mean When Your Portfolio is Up 10%?

    The only way to know if your investments are “beating the market” is to compare their performance to “the market,” which is not easy.

  • Vanishing Equities

    Most of the decline has come from vanishing companies ranging from small to microcap—the sort of names you probably haven’t heard of.

  • The Keys to Connecting

    How well do you connect with other people in informal social occasions? If you tend to be shy or awkward at cocktail parties or networking events, it can be bad for your career and rob you of connection with others who might become friends or mentors.

  • Should You Take That Early Retirement Offer?

    Even though unemployment is currently at a historically low rate, most would not describe the American economy as “booming.” So, it isn’t surprising that many companies and even some private institutions like universities and hospitals are offering early retirement packages as a way of replacing long-term, higher-paid employees with newer, lower-compensated personnel.

  • Student Loan Interest Rate Hike

    Starting July 1, rates on new student loans will go up, according to the formula the US Department of Education uses to set rates on Stafford loans and PLUS loans.

  • Navigating the Tight Job Market of Our Automated Future

    You’ve read that robots, automation and artificial intelligence are likely to displace millions of workers in the coming ten to 20 years.  So if you or someone you care about wants to stay ahead of that curve, what skills would you need to make you an ideal worker in that automated future?

  • Consider an HSA to Boost Retirement Income

    There are important angles to HSAs that ought to be considered by qualified individuals in terms of giving retirement income a tax-advantaged shot in the arm.

  • Exercise for Life

    By now, you’ve probably read about surprising new scientific research that has shown that physical exercise is not—despite what we’ve heard for generations—a very effective weight loss technique. So is there any good reason to hit the gym, or might you as well hang out on the couch?

  • Will the June 9 Rollout of the Fiduciary Rule Affect You?

    By law, a fiduciary is defined as a person who is ethically bound to act always in the client’s best interest, which means giving impartial advice that is not influenced by the commission or compensation received if the client buys a certain product or invests in a particular fund or account.

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