• Seven Reasons You Should Roll Your 401(k) into an IRA

    There are several compelling reasons why rolling your 401(k) into an IRA may be a better move than simply going into your new company’s 401(k) plan.

  • Brexit Is Beginning

    At the end of March, the U.K. finally pulled the trigger, and made the departure from the European Union official.

  • Depression’s Silver Lining

    A lot of people are depressed these days: in 2015, one study showed that 6.7% of American adults suffered from a major depressive episode in the previous 12 months. Meanwhile, an estimated 12% of Americans are taking antidepressants, which suggests that the study may have underestimated the problem.

  • Real Crime vs. Imagined

    Crime in America is totally out of control these days, right? Every day you read about some new shooting, robbery, kidnapping etc., and the impression you get is that we live in an age where the streets aren’t safe and neither is your home.

  • Fed Raises Rates

    The U.S. Federal Reserve Board’s Open Market Committee just raised the Fed Funds rate from 0.75% to 1.00%—the second rate hike in three months. So what should you do with your investment portfolio in light of this change?

  • Greece’s Return to the Headlines

    The nation of Greece, once the subject of almost daily speculation about the viability of its government bonds, has pulled its economy out of a disaster into a muddle.

  • What a Market Top Looks Like

    The markets have gone up and up and up, and we all know that they won’t go up forever, which means there’s a correction looming somewhere on the horizon.

  • Is It Time to Go Short? Bond Investing in a Rising-Rate Environment

    For the first time since the Great Recession of 2007–09, the Federal Reserve has begun slowly raising interest rates. The first hike in the benchmark Fed Funds rate for overnight lending of reserve balances between depository institutions—from 0.25% to 0.5%—came in December 2015.

  • The Good and Bad of Millennial Finances

    Millennial Americans are saving their money at a higher rate than their Baby Boomer counterparts at a similar age. Research from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies shows that nearly three-quarters of Millennials are saving for retirement at an earlier age than past generations.

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