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Our goal at Empyrion™ is to help our clients make the best financial decisions possible for themselves and for their loved ones. To achieve that goal, we use the same type of sophisticated investment strategy that professional investors have employed for years. Based on the award-winning research of Dr. Eugene Fama1, Empyrion’s strategy focuses on maximizing returns while minimizing risk and volatility by broadly diversifying across multiple asset classes and international markets.
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  • Measuring the Market
    Measuring the Market

    Have you ever wondered what stock market professionals and equity analysts talk about in their spare time? Recently, the Bloomberg website featured a debate about something that is getting a lot of attention recently: the historically high, and still-rising U.S. stock market valuations. People have been willing to pay more, and more, and more for a dollar of corporate earnings. What does that mean about future returns?

  • Top Ten Items to Protect Yourself from Fraud
    Top Ten Items to Protect Yourself from Fraud

    Fraud can happen to anyone at anytime.  Here are the top 10 items you can do this month to protect yourself from fraudulent activity.

  • The Challenges of Capturing Bull Market Returns
    The Challenges of Capturing Bull Market Returns

    You probably didn’t notice, but on September 11, 2017 marked a milestone: the S&P 500 index's bull market became the second-longest and the second-best performing in the modern economic era. Stock prices are up 270% from their low point after the Great Recession in March 2009—up 340% if you include dividends.

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