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Our goal at Empyrion™ is to help our clients make the best financial decisions possible for themselves and for their loved ones. To achieve that goal, we use the same type of sophisticated investment strategy that professional investors have employed for years. Based on the award-winning research of Dr. Eugene Fama1, Empyrion’s strategy focuses on maximizing returns while minimizing risk and volatility by broadly diversifying across multiple asset classes and international markets.
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  • Smart Tax Tips for Widows
    Smart Tax Tips for Widows

    For those enduring the loss of a spouse, one of the hardest things, along with the grieving process, is the uncertainty surrounding finances. It can be crucial to get prompt, professional advice from someone who is familiar with your situation – an important way of beginning to exercise some control. Here are four important tax matters to discuss with a CPA or tax advisor as you begin the adjustment to life without your partner.

  • Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But . . .
    Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But . . .

    A new study released in the spring by Morgan Stanley contains some pretty interesting ramifications for the old adage, “money can’t buy happiness.” It's not the money itself that makes you happy; it’s the feeling of knowing that you have planned and prepared for the future, not only for yourself, but also for those you love.

  • Behaving Badly: Your Emotions and Financial Decision-Making
    Behaving Badly: Your Emotions and Financial Decision-Making

    In the world of investing, our emotions often create problems for us, if we permit them too much control over our financial decisions. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common behavioral traps that individuals fall into, like herd mentality, recency bias and confirmation bias, which can undermine investment performance over the long term.

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