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Our goal at Empyrion™ is to help our clients make the best financial decisions possible for themselves and for their loved ones. To achieve that goal, we use the same type of sophisticated investment strategy that professional investors have employed for years. Based on the award-winning research of Dr. Eugene Fama1, Empyrion’s strategy focuses on maximizing returns while minimizing risk and volatility by broadly diversifying across multiple asset classes and international markets.
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  • The New Tax Legislation
    The New Tax Legislation

    Chances are, you’ve heard that tax “reform” is right around the corner—that is, if you can call it “reform” when hundreds or perhaps thousands of new pages are about to be added to the tax code. First, the White House released its tax legislation wish list.

  • The Economic Myth-Destroyer Gets his Due
    The Economic Myth-Destroyer Gets his Due

    Imagine a person who always, in every circumstance, makes rational decisions with his money. He saves when he ought to and spends exactly as he should spend, in order to maximize the “utility” of whatever wealth he happens to possess.

  • Give Your Retirement Plan a Raise!
    Give Your Retirement Plan a Raise!

    It might surprise you to hear that the Internal Revenue Service has some good news for you. IRS notice 2017-64, released recently, raises the annual contribution limits on most retirement plans, starting January 1, 2018.

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